Biggest Selling Single of 2014 is…

Pharrell_Williams_-_HappyPharrell Williams looked like he was going to take over the world with his new album, G I R L after the lead single, Happy, topped the charts in many territories around the world.

It is no surprise that this song is the biggest selling single of 2014. The song was everywhere and not only did it sell the most copies, it also topped the airplay chart in the UK too and boasts over 534 million hits on YouTube.

This bouncy pop track put everybody in a good mood when it was released in November 2013, as the lead single of the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. It was great to see songs with an element of soul about them hitting the number one spot, showing how the mainstream sound isn’t as defined as we are led to believe.

However, now it is a song we hope to leave in 2014 as it was horrendously overplayed – and now it doesn’t put everybody in a great mood when we hear it, we just want to switch to another song. It has served its time, we used to clap along when we felt like a room without a roof, and we will again if we don’t hear it for the whole of 2015.

Check out the music video for Happy here:


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