#TBT – The ‘Gaga Adventures’ Series – Part #6

This part of the series follows Gaga’s iTunes Festival appearance on 1st September 2013, where she sang eight songs from the upcoming album ARTPOP as a world exclusive.

Gaga and her cars pulling up at the Roundhouse

Gaga and her cars pulling up at the Roundhouse

As I mentioned in the previous post, I didn’t originally have a ticket for the event, but luckily my friend won a ticket and it turned out to be for a pair. The show was on a Sunday so we headed down to Camden on Saturday as we were going to camp out. We were having afternoon tea in the cafe next door to the Roundhouse. We saw on Twitter that she had indeed just left the hotel and we bolted for the door and power-walked round to the back entrance of the Roundhouse. We saw a friend of ours who had obviously just had the same information, and we joined the barrier much to other fans confusion. Many asked if we had turned up there because she was on her way. Gaga arrived and saw to every single fan, signing many things and taking selfies. I was so lucky to have got a hug from her and a selfie, my best to date, before she moved along. I was over the moon.

It put me in the best mod to camp out, as it had become the norm to camp out for events like this as we had all done

My selfie with Gaga

My selfie with Gaga

it for the Born This Way Ball, but I for one definitely underestimated how tough this camping experience would be. Camping for the Born This Way Ball was comfortable compared to this, as we had grass wherever we camped and the weather was beautiful considering the time of year. For this show, we had to camping on the cold, hard concrete pavement that the general public walked along to get around Camden. This made it absolutely impossible to sleep – I had half an hour sleep as I wrapped up in my Morrisons own duvet. We were woken up by drunks asking why we were there and beggars asking for money – it was actually quite scary. It was so unnerving, I didn’t feel ‘safe’ whereas for the Born This Way Ball, I really had felt safe.

Thank goodness one of my friends had a hotel room, so I had a couple of hours sleep in there before heading out and camping for the show. I was in such a good mood knowing that I was going to experience this exclusive first-hand. We were told early on that too many tickets had been distributed for this show and those turning up and queuing from the back had a good chance of being turned away.

Roundhouse staff handing out pig snouts

Roundhouse staff handing out pig snouts

We spent the day as we usually spend Gaga days, sitting and chatting to everyone and making new friends. The dancers were all spotted outside Sainsbury’s, which was across the road, so many people ran over to get pictures taken with them. There was a lot of drama surrounding a group of fans who one member had camped for five days to push them all in at the front which was just bizarre, and then said member wasn’t allowed into the show due to ill health which was even more bizarre, it just showed that there is never a dull moment on a Gaga day! We were also given pig snouts before the doors opened, at the time we didn’t realise but it was for the song Swine. 

I’ll leave the review for the actual show for another day, but the next post in the ‘Gaga Adventures’ series will take us to through ‘October hotel times’


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