#FBF – The Prodigy – New Year’s Eve at the O2 – London, 31.12.13 – Live Review

The #FlashbackFriday for this week is dedicated to the New Year’s Eve gig I went to last year, of which I had won tickets for, fitting considering it is just one day into the new year – Happy 2015 everyone! The featured photo that you saw on the homepage is from The Prodigy’s website, specifically here, check it out!

The Prodigy on stage

The Prodigy on stage after the countdown

The Prodigy are undisputed legends in music, with a career spanning decades. There was no better act to see in the New Year in North London. They were the peak of the night, flanked by potential legends in dance music – Rudimental, Jaguar Skills, Modestep and Slipmatt. The Prodigy had been touring the world all year and this was their only gig in the UK in 2013.

The atmosphere at the show was second to none. From the moment the show began, everybody was on their feet; running around, raving, jumping and drinking. It was truly like none other show. At ‘normal’ shows, there is an element of decorum, where everybody respects everybody’s seat and their space – at this show everybody was frustrated by the restrictions of the seats and the rows and wanted to be in the mosh pits in the standing area.

Slipmatt, Modestep and Jaguar Skills had the audience raving aimlessly towards the New Year. Rudimental came on and

The insane crowd

The insane crowd during The Prodigy

there was definitely more listening to the music going on, rather than hapless jumping on the spot. Not surprising, considering the mainstream success that Rudimental had experienced back in 2013, boasting two UK #1’s.

But the moment of glory was the countdown, watching the last minute being counted down in a Space Invaders/Tetris effect before The Prodigy exploded onstage. Easily their best performance was Firestarter, as they crouched low, barely whispering the opening lyrics before they jumped up, the arena exploding with colour, smoke and fire effects. It was truly incredible watching them work the crowd with ease, we were putty in their hands for the duration of the set.

Without a doubt, another act would not have produced the energy and excitement that The Prodigy gave at the turn of the new year. Even if you aren’t a fan, they are easily a live act that need to be crossed off the list, their energy more than anything encourages casual/non-fans to get involved.


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