Kanye West – Only One (feat. Paul McCartney) – Single Review

Kanye-West-Only-One-Cover-620x620Kanye West surprised us with the lead single from his as-of-yet-untitled seventh studio album on New Year’s Day, entitled Only One, with former Beatles member Paul McCartney playing the organ. According to the press release, the song is about written in the perspective of West’s late mother Donda and is a message to North, as sadly Donda never got to meet North, “The lyrics here are supposed to be Kanye’s mother Donda singing to him from the afterlife: “My mom was singing to me, and through me to my daughter.”

The song is unlike any of West’s more recent hits, including Bound 2 featuring wife Kim Kardashian West in the video, as it is a ballad, a heavily-autotuned ballad at that. The autotune is the only thing that ruins the song, as the emotion and sentiment is sometimes lost throughout the song because of the strange robotics happening in the background.

This departure in sound certainly does not reflect the arrogant persona that West reflects in the media, as we see him sound somewhat vulnerable, as any son would be had they lost their mother. It is an interesting perspective as the listener, as this is a new dimension of his personality that we are embracing. This is, according to West, one of many collaborations with McCartney, and if they avoid autotune on their next song, it will be fantastic.

To listen to the song, it is currently streaming on Kanye West’s official website, right here.


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