#TBT – The ‘Gaga Adventures’ Series – Part #7

In the previous post in the ‘Gaga Adventures’ series, I told you about the meeting Gaga and camping process around the iTunes Festival set in September 2013. Gaga would return to the UK in October 2013, doing all-important promotion on The X Factor, where she sang Venus/Do What U Want. 

Unlike the previous two posts, this was one of the unsuccessful trips. Because of University, I wasn’t able to go for the complete duration of the trip, and she didn’t stop outside the hotel on her way to the X Factor studios. Unlike last time, I chose not to follow her to the X Factor Studios as it is too hard to meet people there, instead we chose to sit in the McDonalds next to the Langham and using their wifi connection to watch the X Factor performance live, on my iPhone.

I thought she would be back at a suitable time but unfortunately due to my train times from London to home, I had to leave. Unfortunately, that meant that I missed her return to the hotel and her unannounced appearance at Heaven that night. After waiting in hurricane conditions outside the hotel, I was gutted I missed out on all of this.

Sorry this has been a short entry, compared to the others. Check out Gaga’s performance


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